Annex To Terms & Conditions - Smoking
This update 09 August 2014

Where it is appropriate the following text applies to the general Terms & Conditions



You may of course smoke outside, on the patio or in the open grounds but please ensure that all cigarettes or cigars are fully extinguished after use and that all butts are disposed of properly and safely, do not cause litter and are not brought into the house to cause odours.
 Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the house or its periphery (e.g. through open windows, doors or chimneys) or, for fire-safety reasons, in any barn or other structure. In the event of evidence this has been ignored we will deduct the cost of rectifying the situation from your security deposit and will ultimately seek from you the full cost of remedy if this is insufficient.

The "smoking" of electronic cigarettes or vaporisers is not permitted in the house.

Charging Batteries For Electronic Cigarettes (Vaporisers / Vapes)

There is a safety issue with some lithium-ion batteries and/or chargers for these. They can cause and have caused fires so, for your own safety and to avoid risking the property, you may only charge electronic cigarettes, vaporisers or other such devices if the charger and the battery are the ones supplied together by the device manufacturer. It can be dangerous to use incompatible chargers and batteries. Industry advice is, as with all rechargeable devices, you should only charge batteries in your presence. Do not go out leaving batteries or any devices charging.