Safe Booking & Payment

We want you to feel totally secure booking your holiday with us. There is, frankly, a load of twaddle pedalled by the likes of the huge American corporations who have taken over the holiday booking business and want you to book via their "safe payment platforms". However, they have succeeded in scaring people so we cannot just ignore it. There is, of course, fraud - it's the internet! But it's actually a lot less prevalent than it would appear from the media, given the many millions of bookings made. But you'll never see a headline along the lines of "Family book holiday direct with owner and have a lovely time!"

You may pay however you like. We will not insist you transfer funds to our bank account. However, we do hope there is enough on this website to convince you that to do so is absolutely safe and you will therefore receive the best price and the most personal booking experience. But once you have booked, however you choose, we will give you the same personal service and attention.

Anyone can "spoof" a pretty logo link. Although we do provide these for you on our home page, to access some of the commercial booking platforms that carry our listing, instead, you might like to just search online for "La Goupillere Country House" (without the quotes) and you will find many alternative ways to book with us. It's entirely your choice.