Important Message About This Website

This website is hosted by a company called 1&1 and was created in an application which has served us well for many years. However, they have given notice that this "Website Builder" application will no longer be supported after the end of this year, 2016. We are supposed to migrate to their new offering but herein lies a problem.

For some reason we are unable to use their migration tool and they have told us the only way is for us to recreate the website from scratch! If you look through it you will quickly appreciate this is an almost impossible task.

We are trying to resolve this issue but as we get closer to the end of the year we are concerned that we will be unable to make any changes or updates. As far as we know the website will still be on-line and the availability calendar, which is ported from another commercial website, will be keep up to date. It is our very own "millennium bug".

So, in case we are suddenly unable to make changes, we have put this message here. Assuming our website is still on-line, what you see will be mostly accurate but as time goes by our rental rates may become out of date. We will hopefully resolve this issue but in the meantime ask that you contact us for current pricing or if anything seems out of date.

As soon as we fix this problem we will remove this page so the fact that you are seeing it means we have not yet done so. Thank you for your understanding.

This message posted Tuesday 16th November 2016