Internet Connection

La Goupillère has a full internet service providing both wi-fi and a cable connection if required (RJ45). This is a dedicated installation, i.e. it is not "piggy-backed" from another internet connection as is the case with many gîtes. This means you will have the highest speed available and a much greater level of security as you will not be sharing the bandwidth with anybody else and nobody else can use the network. The wi-fi is fully encrypted.

The wi-fi signal extends throughout the house and immediately outside to the patio at the back and seating area at the front. As far as we know there is no limit to the number of concurrent devices that can connect.

There are plans to extend "fibre" connections to all homes in France but in this rural area we do not yet have the speeds and bandwidth available in urban areas. In normal use, the connection is perfectly adequate but please be aware that with heavy usage, e.g. concurrent streaming of Netflix movies, the limitations may be noticeable. There is a strong GSM mobile signal and, especially if you have roaming so that you receive a signal from the strongest operator, you will get speeds far in excess of the fixed line system installed and of course every user will have the full speed available. If your group are likely to be heavy internet users we recommend that you adopt this method of access and with the abolition of roaming charges it will cost no more that it would at home.

The system provided is stable but the telephone lines are all above ground so are potentially susceptible to storm damage, fallen trees, etc. It's rare and usually repaired quickly but this might be another reason to use mobile phones or tablets with data roaming if the internet is crucial to you.

Log-on information and the encryption key will be emailed to you prior to arrival so that you can simply cut and paste the codes. Please note that only the internet access is provided - you must bring your own computer, tablet or wi-fi enabled smartphone.

Fair Usage

We have no restrictions on normal personal or family use of our facilities.

Business use, excessive download or upload, heavy power consumption (e.g. Servers) or any activity not considered by us to be normal personal or family use will be subject to a surcharge at our discretion which will be deducted from your Security Deposit unless previously agreed. If you intend to undertake any activities that might fall outside our definition of "personal or family use" you must discuss this with us beforehand to agree it is acceptable to us.

You must not attach or connect any equipment to our computer systems, Livebox (DSL router), telephone line, TV or satellite receiving equipment or any cabling or data sockets, whether hard wired or wireless without our explicit prior permission. Wireless means any technology capable of forming a communication link to our equipment.

We provide a land-line internet and UK FreeSat TV/Radio service. Any other costs we incur as a result of your use of our equipment and services will be charged in full plus a 100% uplift to cover administration costs. The property rental does not include any form of voice or video communications which are charged to us and does not include any added-value services provided during your stay, however achieved. Any bypass, manipulation or exploitation of our provided services is prohibited.

You may, of course, use the wi-fi service and equipment provided to communicate with others via your own devices using the internet connection.

Mobile Phones

At the property, there is a strong signal from all the mobile operators but you are advised to ensure you have full roaming activated on your mobile phone prior to leaving your home country so that you can pick up whichever service is strongest as you travel around. The service from any particular operator can be patchy but it is almost always possible to pick up a signal from one of them.

You can buy a French pay-as-you-go SIM from supermarkets or phone shops but whether this is an economical option depends on who you will be calling. In our experience it's best just to stick with your UK operator, assuming they provide a roaming service.