Internet Connection

This is rural France! You presumably booked your holiday here because it’s rural France and we sincerely hope you have a wonderful stay. We will certainly do all we can to make it so.

But, in the same “charming” way the shops are closed at lunchtime and on Sundays, restaurants close for their holidays in summer and lunch takes two hours…. the normal internet connection is pathetic by most peoples' standards. It is also unreliable, trees fall on the overhead lines, tractors bump into telegraph poles and even when everything is running the speed is 2Mbs at best. If a fault occurs on the line it could take Orange a couple of weeks to fix it.

Our internet service is via 4G+ and the download speed is around 25Mbs –  over 10 times the landline speed.  It is reliable and consistent. This uses a “proper” router that you can use with wi-fi, just as you would anywhere. It doesn’t rely on a phone line and is plugged into a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) so it will work even in a power cut.

Why are we explaining this?…. well, there is a caveat. We have had to trade download speed for the amount of data you can download for free during your stay. The old “normal” system had unlimited data capacity but was far too slow to download huge files or stream movies, so, frankly, this was never an issue. The 4G+ system is technically capable of doing these things but instead of being fixed-price, unlimited data, it has a cap on the amount of data for a given cost. For us to provide unlimited data would simply not be viable and in order to do so you would have to be charged significantly more for your stay, whether you used the data or not.

We know, the vast majority of our guests do not spend their holiday downloading or streaming movies. You have HD Freesat UK TV and a DVD player with hundreds of DVDs available and we had to make a decision – slow and clunky internet or reliable and fast but with a limit on usage. We chose the latter.

Your free allowance will be 12Gb per week. To put this into context, if you don’t know, please take a look at the calculator you can find here 

If you are in any doubt please play around with the sliders on the link above. We are not going to repeat what you can read for yourself but this allowance is more than adequate for any normal use. It is not adequate for a family of five spending all day glued to their mobile devices watching HD movies! But then, why go on holiday?

Upon request, we can increase the data allowance and will be happy to do so. The cost will be 20€ for an additional 50Gb, whether you use it or not but for however long it lasts up to one month. Alternatively you may of course use your own data allowance associated with your mobile package.

We truly believe the advantages totally outweigh the disadvantage for the vast majority of our guests.

Fair Usage

We have no restrictions on normal personal or family use of our facilities, subject to the above.

With the exception of logging on to the wi-fi router to access the internet or streaming music to Bluetooth devices, you must not attach or connect any equipment to our computer systems, TV or satellite receiving equipment or any cabling or data sockets, whether hard wired or wireless without our explicit prior permission. Wireless means any technology capable of forming a communication link to our equipment.

We provide an internet and UK FreeSat TV/Radio service. Any other costs we incur as a result of your use of our equipment and services will be charged in full plus a 100% uplift to cover administration costs. The property rental does not include any form of voice or video communications which are charged to us and does not include any added-value services provided during your stay, however achieved. Any bypass, manipulation or exploitation of our provided services is prohibited.

You may, of course, use the wi-fi service and equipment provided to communicate with others via your own devices using the internet connection, subject to capacity as outlined above.

Mobile Phones

At the property, there is a strong signal from all the mobile operators but you are advised to ensure you have full roaming activated on your mobile phone prior to leaving your home country so that you can pick up whichever service is strongest as you travel around. The service from any particular operator can be patchy but it is almost always possible to pick up a signal from one of them.

You can buy a French pay-as-you-go SIM from supermarkets or phone shops but whether this is an economical option depends on who you will be calling. In our experience it's best just to stick with your UK operator, assuming they provide a roaming service.