Special Offers

Holiday France Direct - Save on Brittany Ferries when you book this property

We are delighted to be able to offer you 20% off your crossing with Brittany Ferries if you book La Goupillère. You do not need to book through the Brittany Ferries or Holiday France Direct websites and you will not incur any commisions or fees. Once you have paid your booking deposit we will provide you with a code you can use to claim your discount. It's as easy as that!

Single (Master) Bedroom Occupancy

La Goupillère is a large, three double-bedroom house with lots of living space but it is not only suitable for families or groups. Outside of the high season of July and August for single bedroom occupancy we offer a discount of £30 on the one-week rate. Single bedroom occupancy means only the large Master Bedroom is required and used and is therefore ideally suited to couples*. This discount is not applicable in conjunction with other "special offer" prices. Pets are excluded from this offer but are otherwise welcome.

The discount is available to couples who require only the master bedroom. Bedrooms 2 and 3 must not be used at all. With the exception of the other bedrooms the entire house, its grounds and all facilities will be at your disposal. In all other respects you will receive exactly the same as if you had paid the full rate.

* In addition, if you need it, we will provide a baby cot in the master bedroom or mezzanine right outside it but additional beds or people anywhere in the house or the grounds are not permitted or the normal published rate will apply.

Late Availability Bookings

Sometimes we have periods we are unlikely to let because they are incomplete fortnights, unbooked imminent weeks, whatever. If we do not have bookings for these periods, rather than "waste" them we are happy to offer advantageous rates.

We do not offer late discounts as such but we will do our best to give you a very attractive price in recognition that as time passes we are less likely to receive a booking for particular dates.

Late Availability offers are dependent upon the makeup of the party, relationships, numbers of persons and pets, etc. Please contact us for details. Basically, for late availability, fewer guests means a lower price.

All bookings must be requested and accepted prior to arrival and you must contact us before arriving. Sorry, but we will not accept bookings "on the doorstep" under any circumstances.

Longer Term Stays

We have fixed overheads per stay unrelated to the period and we average these out in the high season. In the off-peak seasons we can pass the longer term "savings" on to our guests, reducing the weekly rate you pay for longer stays, in recognition that we are quieter and can offer guests who can get away out of season prices that are competitive with much smaller and less well appointed properties.

We have had visitors from many parts of the world who stayed for a month or more and left us glowing feedback.

If you intend to stay for a longer period than a normal holiday e.g. for house-hunting or a sabbatical, especially if you are a couple only and it is out of high season we can offer you excellent rates and promise you a perfect base for your travels.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.