Visitors from Australasia, North America and other Non-European Countries

We have had many guests, mainly couples, from Australia, the USA and other non-European English-speaking countries. The property and grounds are large and exclusive and they booked because they valued the space, facilities, comfort and privacy to enjoy longer term vacations or sabbaticals of between 4 and 10 weeks. This, with the easy access to so many historical sites and natural delights makes La Goupillère a great place to base yourselves, even for excursions to Paris or Disneyland. London is an easy and inexpensive journey by high-speed train if you would like to spend a few days there without the hassle of airports.

We offer excellent rates for longer periods, especially outside the high season but even if you are looking for a "normal" vacation period we can offer you something special.

Obviously, if you are travelling to Europe by air you will be restricted as to what you can bring with you and certainly bulky items will be a nuisance (unless you need your favourite teddy bear of course, that's essential). But, actually, we have teddies too!

We can provide you with (almost!) anything you'd like. In addition to everything covered elsewhere, we provide, free, ancillaries such as umbrellas, torches, picnic stuff, cosy indoor fleeces, etc. We can also supply, to buy at our cost price, such things as.... (see note 1 below).

Dressing gowns
Waterproof and windproof jackets
Fleece jackets
Wellington boots

We can source and have waiting for you for immediate use a GPS car Satnav for a fraction of the price a car hire company will charge and you may, of course, keep it.

Alternatively, as soon as you like after arrival, if you'd like us to, we will accompany you to local stores where you can view, try and purchase any of these things yourself. Or we will be happy to order for you via the internet ( with free next-day delivery for many items (see note 2 below).

We can arrange occasional in-stay cleaning and housekeeping, subject to certain criteria (see note 3 below). 

But Why Come Here?

Thinking of a trip to rural France, maybe taking in the Normandy beaches, Mont Saint-Michel and the Loire Valley, but are worried about the standard of accommodation and language difficulties? Well don't! We promise you the warmest welcome, a very comfortable home and every assistance at your base at La Goupillère.

Paris airports are under three hours drive, mainly freeway and car hire is easy to arrange. France drives on the same side of the road as the US and Canada and you will be amazed how few other vehicles there are on the roads once you get away from Paris. If you are from Australia or New Zealand, you'll get used to driving on the "wrong side" really quickly!

Having your base at La Goupillère means you have the benefit of English speaking hosts and security for anything you don't want to lug around with you, leaving you free to take day-trips or stay overnight at your destination to sample and enjoy what that area has to offer.

We can offer advice on places of interest and on French culture (like you don't generally tip!) and we can make sure the house is supplied with all those little things you don't really want to worry about when you're packing - soap, toothpaste, face cloths, cheese, etc. We supply all bed linen, towels, toilet rolls, kitchen stuff... anything you want basically.


1) If you would like us to buy anything to be available upon your arrival they will of course be new and unused. You must request such items before and pay in full with your final payment one month prior to arrival. Prices will be agreed with you at the time of your request.

2) Amazon Prime "next day" delivery subject to their conditions of eligibility and order processing deadlines.

3) We will introduce you to a trusted individual. Any arrangement you care to enter into will be between you and this person and all financial and performance related matters will be between you and that individual with no intervention or responsibility on our part. You may not employ or otherwise make use of the services of anybody we have not specifically approved prior to their entering the property. Please note this is an occasional service. We cannot provide an on-demand "maid service" as such and daily chores such as bed making cannot be provided.

4) Non-EU residents are eligible to claim a refund of the TVA (VAT/Sales tax) of 20% paid on purchases in EU countries that you take out of the EU, i.e export them. If you plan to buy (especially) high value items you should research this before travelling as there are different methods of claiming this.