Nearby Restaurants & Food Shopping

Restaurants, Bars & Cafés

These restaurants and bars are within 30 minutes drive, with the exception of those places in italics which are a little further but are well worth a visit and are exceptional in their own way. All restaurants are open on weekday lunchtimes, some are also open evenings and weekends. If in doubt, Au Refuge du Trappeur at Sillé Plage is open all year round including public holidays. Most boulangeries sell sandwiches (french style of course), as do supermarkets, which also sell a wide variety of pre-packed salads and other picnic goodies. We will happily point you in the right direction, whatever your tastes and budget.


Le Bistrot d'Izé  3 kmIzé4 Rue du Maine
02 43 37 93 19Restaurant, bar, café
Trinity’s Bar  7 kmCourcité6 Place Eglise02 43 03 26 14Restaurant, bar, café
Le Rochard  8 kmBais3 Place de l'Eglise02 43 26 20 76Restaurant, bar, café, tabac
Le Lion d'Or  8 kmBais5 Place de l'Eglise02 43 37 90 05Restaurant, bar, café
Auberge St Roch11 kmAvertonPlace de l'Eglise02 43 04 23 90Restaurant, bar, café
La Forge11 kmSaint Georges Sur Erve1 Rue Lavoir02 43 01 64 33Restaurant
Lazzaro Pizza
12 km
Villaines-La-JuhelRoute de Courcité
02 43 32 29 04
Pizzéria*, burgers, etc.
Le Saint Georges13 kmVillaines-La-Juhel2 Rue de Mayenne02 43 03 38 22Restaurant
La Hôstellerie de la Juhel
13 kmVillaines-La-Juhel27 Rue Jules Doitteau02 43 03 23 24Restaurant, bar, café
La Gouline
13 kmVillaines-La-Juhel4 Place Neuve
02 43 03 32 51
Bar, café, snacks (or take your own food)
13 kmVillaines-La-Juhel32 Rue Jules Doitteau
02 43 03 20 96
Bar, café, tabac
Bar du Stade
13 kmVillaines-La-Juhel13 Rue Gervaiseau
02 43 03 20 56 ‎
Bar, café, tabac, snacks
Bar du Commerce
13 kmVillaines-La-Juhel1 Place des Halles
02 43 03 22 87
Bar, café, tabac
Central Bar
13 kmVillaines-La-Juhel27 Grande Rue
02 43 03 21 03
Bar, café
Le P’tit Creux
13 kmVillaines-La-JuhelPlace des Halles
02 43 11 28 23
Sandwiches, kebab*
La Sourderie14 kmVillaines-La-JuhelLa Grande Sourderie, Route d’Javron02 43 03 41 89Restaurant, pizzéria*, crêperie
Le Mekong16 kmEvron7 Place de l'Ancienne Mairie02 43 69 05 84Chinese, Indo-chinese*
Creperie La Hulotte16 kmEvron38 Rue de la Fontain02 43 01 66 45Crêperie
Le Peppino16 kmEvron1 Place de l'Ancienne Mairie02 43 01 92 56Restaurant, pizzéria*
Le Pilori16 kmEvron13 Place du Pilori02 43 68 86 32Restaurant, bar, cafe
Bar de la Terrasse
16 kmEvron2 Place de la Basilique
02 43 01 60 89
Café, bar, brasserie
Café des Jardiniers
16 kmEvron14 Place de la Basilique02 43 01 68 23
Café, bar, brasserie
Au Refuge du Trappeur18 kmSillé PlageSillé Plage02 43 20 17 48Restaurant, pizzéria (open every day)
Le Bretagne18 kmSillé-le-Guillaume1 Place de la Croix d'Or02 43 20 10 10Restaurant (excellent Sunday lunch)
La Cella19 kmJublains23 Rue Temple02 43 04 30 36Restaurant, bar, café, pizzéria*
La Bonne Table23 kmAron53 Rue de la Libération02 43 11 35 91Restaurant, pizzéria, bar, café, tabac
La Gourmandine
26 km
La Bazoge-Montpinçon
13 Rue de la Mairie
02 43 03 18 50
Restaurant (lovely conservatory)
28 km
36 place Gambetta
09 83 63 84 84
Restaurant, (English fare 'n' chips)
La Beau Rivage32 kmMoulay (Mayenne)Route de Sainte-Baudelle02 43 00 49 13Restaurant (riverside)
Le Relais des Avaloirs32 kmBoulay les IfsLe Bourg02 43 00 93 87Restaurant (lovely conservatory)
Rive Droite
41 km
31 Rue du Pont Neuf
02 33 27 79 73
Restaurant (lovely terrace)
L'auberge des 7 Plats50 kmLe Mans (Old Town)79 Grande Rue02 43 24 57 77Restaurant
La Brochette du Boucher
50 kmLe Mans (Old Town)12 Place Saint-Pierre02 43 14 25 74Restaurant (covered terrace)
La Baraque à Bœuf
50 kmLe Mans (Old Town)11 Place Saint-Pierre02 43 28 06 07Restaurant (covered terrace)
La Vieille Porte
50 km
Le Mans (Old Town)
12 Rue de la Vieille Porte
02 43 24 03 76

* Also takeaway

This list is not intended to be comprehensive, it's just places we know and like. Those in green have their own websites, just click on the name.

Food and Drink Shopping

The choice is yours! There are local street markets in Villaines-la-Juhel and Evron and much bigger ones in Mayenne, Alençon, Fresnay-sur-Sarthe and Le Mans. Most boulangeries are open Sunday mornings but close another day of the week instead. During the holiday season it is not unusual for boulangeries to close for their own holidays but you will always find that another nearby boulangerie is covering their patch or another local shop or bar is acting as a "depot de pain".


The nearest are in Bais. The directions to both are basically the same. Coccimarket is privately owned (a bit like e.g. a Spar) with a good range and is known for its high quality but sometimes pricey goods. Carrefour Contact is a privately owned franchise of the huge Carrefour group and although not cheap compared to the big supermarkets it has an excellent range and is very convenient, especially with its long hours and ideal for guests arriving later on Saturdays, after the shops have closed.

6 Grande Rue
Tél: 02 43 58 54 06
7.8 km / 8 minutes from La Goupillère
In the centre of town. Speciality butcher, meats &
grocery store
Open 08:00 - 12:30 & 15:00 - 19:00 Monday-Saturday
08:00 - 12:30 Sunday
Carrefour Contact
Pré de l'Aubrière  
Tél: 02 43 37 99 32
8.8 km / 10 minutes from La Goupillère
Large car park. Fuel (credit card only). Great butcherie
Open 08:00 - 20:00 Monday-Saturday
09:00 - 13:00 Sunday
Turn right out of La Goupillère towards Izé
After 3 km arrive Izé - take care as "priority to right" road just before Ize
Turn right beside church towards Bais and Mayenne on D35
After 4.8 km arrive Bais centre (Place de l'Église) - you have just passed Coccimarket on your right
For Carrefour Contact, continue through Bais for 1 km
Bear right to D20 towards Champgenéteux - Carrefour Contact is on your right

The nearest big supermarkets are in Villaines-la-Juhel. Again, the directions to both are basically the same. As well as those listed below there is a Coccimarket (open Sunday mornings) and lots of independent shops in the town. One has a comprehensive Bio and vegetarian selection, as does Super U

Super U
Route du Mans
12.1 km / 15 minutes from La Goupillère
Excellent large supermarket. Huge car park. Fuel.
Great fish and meat sections.
Open 09:00 - 19:000 Monday-Saturday (open lunchtime)
Closed Sunday
Leader Price           
Bvd Henri Dunant   
12.1 km / 15 minutes from La Goupillère
Cheap but very good value. Somewhat restricted range
Open 09:00 - 19:00 Monday-Saturday (open lunchtime?)
Closed Sunday
Turn left out of La Goupillère towards Staint-Thomas-de-Courceriers
After 3.7 km arrive St-Thomas - take care as "priority to right" half way
Go straight through St-Thomas & turn right at the Mairie towards Courcité
After 4 km arrive Courcité. Go straight over at crossroads - the road restriction only applies to lorries
After 0.7 km turn left for Villaines-la-Juhel - watch out 30kph outside school
After 4.2 km go straight at roundabout - Super U is on your right, Le Mutant on up the road on your left

Boulangeries, Convenience Stores & Other Facilities

There are boulangeries and convenience stores everywhere but those below are the nearest to La Goupillère and we encourage you to use them! We see part of the price of you enjoying this area as making a contribution to the local economy, i.e. the nearest village shops. Put bluntly, "use it or lose it"! Many of the buildings housing these businesses are owned by the commune but are run by individuals. Without what is effectively a commune subsidy they would not be viable and many, particularly old people, would suffer and the area would lose a lot of its attraction. As tourists, as it is with us residents, it is your duty to spend at least a little in these shops. But, certainly as far as the boulangeries are concerned, would you really rather buy supermarket bread and desserts.....

Izé3.0 km / 4 minutes from La Goupillère
BoulangerieNearest boulangerie et pâtisserie

Multiservices d'ize
Nearest convenience store
Tél: 02 43 37 91 52

7.5 km / 9 minutes from La Goupillère
L'Epi d'Or(Boulangerie et Pâtisserie) Closed Monday.
1 rue du Mans
Great choice of breads, pastries and cakes.

David Et Priscilla   
Épiceries Fines, Escargots, Épiceries Portugaises,
8 Place Eglise
Produits Exotiques
Tél: 02 43 00 20 92
Tuesday - Saturday. 08:30 - 13:00 & 15:30 - 19:30
 Sunday and Holidays. 09:00 - 13:00

7.8 km / 9 minutes from La Goupillère
Nearest (small) town
Two boulangeries, a speciality butcher & grocery store

Pharmacie, banks, vet, florist

Hotel, two cafe bars, two restaurants, tabac

Two garages, fuel, tyres repaired, car repairs

Supermarket at edge of town towards Mayenne

Post Office
Turn right out of La Goupillère towards Izé
After 3.0 km fork left past old washing place - take care as "priority to right"
Turn right at the T junction beside the church. The boulangerie is on your left
The Le Bistrot d'Izé (bar/restaurant) is a few metres back up the road

Turn left out of La Goupillère towards Staint-Thomas-de-Courceriers
After 3.1 km arrive St-Thomas - take care as "priority to right" half way
Go straight through St-Thomas & turn right at the Mairie towards Courcité
4.After 4.0 km arrive Courcité. Go straight at the junction (main is road from left)
At the crossroads turn right towards the church
Coccimarket (and Trinity's bar/restaurant) are on your right
The boulangerie is just past the church on your left
 From Izé, continue along rhe D35 for 4.8 km / 5 minutes

This page is intended to help you find your way around and although we believe the information is accurate we cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions. You should also note that all family-run restaurants take a summer vacation and often other holiday breaks, so expect some at least to be closed during your visit, especially in Summer.