So, How Can You Be Sure You Can Trust Us?

Any business like ours depends on trust - both ways

Obviously, when taking bookings and letting people stay in our property we are placing our trust in their integrity, honesty and decency. We have not been let down yet so our reservoir of "trust" is full.

But how do you know you can trust us to give you what you have paid for?

You can start by looking through the "Guest Comments" page on this website. For ease of reading we have typed out the handwritten comments verbatim but you can view a copy of the original from our Guest Book simply by clicking on the icon next to the text. None have been omitted but fortunately we are proud of all of them.

Then you could take a look at another website we run for our Commune, Saint-Thomas-de-Courceriers (just click this link). It's had over twenty thousand visitors and although that means nothing in itself we hope you will find the similarity in its design more than a coincidence! If you send an email to the Webmaster through one of the links on the website it will come to us and we will reply to you confirming we are the legitimate advertisers of La Goupillère.

We hold a Certificate of Business Registration (see below) and a Certificate of Registration with the Mairie which you can see by clicking on the links.

We are registered with all relevant authorities and are members of a Micro-Enterprise tax regime which means that no VAT is payable on our turnover. We pay taxes and social contributions on our earnings and all work performed by others is legitimately invoiced to us by registered entities or paid for using the Chèque Emploi Service Universel system where we pay our employees social security charges direct to the government. Should you book, and before you pay any money, you will receive an invoice showing our full contact details and our SIRET number and you are welcome to check our credentials with one of the many validation services you can find online. A SIRET number is very important in France and proves business legitimacy. You are advised not deal with anyone who does not have one as you will almost certainly be paying "on the black", where the buyer is as culpable as the seller and you will have no legal redress whatsoever should anything go wrong.

If you would like to phone us to discuss your requirements or just to hear the voice at the other end of the line you can check our number is legitimate by clicking here (It's the official phone directory). If you do call us please do not "withhold" your own phone number or the call cannot be connected (see the Contact Us page).

Once you are satisfied that you are in fact dealing with us you may want to be sure the bank details you will receive are actually our bank. We will never put bank details in the body of an e-mail. You will receive a non-editable PDF copy of our Booking Confirmation & Invoice containing full details and once you have transferred funds to our account we will send you a confirmation e-mail as soon as we are aware of receipt, so you might like to advise us when you have done so.

If you are really cautious, once you have your Booking Confirmation & Invoice, you may transfer a token £5 to the account specified. We will acknowledge receipt of that amount so you can be confident your full payments will reach the correct destination.

Holiday & travel insurance

We cannot stress enough the need to have comprehensive holiday and travel insurance from the time you book a holiday with anybody, not just us!. If you do not already have this, either long-term specific insurance or e.g. as a benefit with a credit card, etc. you are strongly advised to take it out before you pay a penny. It is inexpensive and might just save the day.

Also, be certain that your car insurance is valid for trips to France and that it provides comprehensive cover, not just third party - if in any doubt phone your insurance company to tell them you are taking the car abroad and make a note of the call details. Do not listen to "a man in the pub" who said it's automatic these days... it is not.