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We are Peter and Sally Marshall

Please contact us if you have any questions. Our preferred means of communication is e-mail and we aim to reply within a couple of hours of receiving your mail. If you have not received a reply within a reasonable time please contact us by text or phone as it's not unknown for e-mail to go astray or crucial details mistyped.

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Property Address :- La Goupillère, 53160 Saint-Thomas-de-Courceriers, France

Our Home address :- La Levrie, 53160 Saint-Thomas-de-Courceriers, France.
                                    (Our house is about 200 metres from La Goupillère).

Home telephone number :- 02 43 37 23 35 (from outside France +33 2 43 37 23 35)

Mobile :- 06 83 60 94 18 (from outside France +33 6 83 60 94 18.

Withheld Numbers to our Land-line

If you phone us on our land line please do not withhold your number! We have call blocking to stop the many nuisance calls we would otherwise receive and you will not get through, even to leave a message. If you systematically withhold your phone number or are calling us through a switchboard that withholds numbers automatically (e.g. NHS) you can prefix our number with 1470 to temporarily bypass the block for that call only. I.e. call us on 1470 0033 2 43 37 23 35