The House

The house has been renovated to a very high standard and is very well insulated, with automatic under-floor central heating. This, with its thick stone walls means It is cool in summer and warm when necessary, so is ideal for spring, autumn and winter breaks as well as summer holidays. It genuinely offers all-year round comfort and the wood burner is there should you want to toast yourself!

Although it looks like two houses from the outside the property is all one inside. It is very spacious and bright, with nearly all upstairs windows at the north-facing back of the house. This helps keep the house cool in summer as the roof itself is very well insulated. The stands of birch trees in the half barrels are really nice this year.

It can get very hot here in summer! The house faces South, so gets the sun nearly all day and you may, of course, move garden furniture around to suit your own preferences. However most guests prefer to use the patio and barbeque at the back of the house (below), which gets the sun in the morning, late afternoon and evenings but is protected from the hottest midday sun.

The patio has a large teak table, ample teak chairs and parasols. The fridge is just inside the kitchen door! The banks are full of herbs you can use for cooking. The whole area has a secure wire fence along the top of the banks and the area of grass beyond the patio is now also fenced, with a gate at the far end, allowing it to be secured for children to play in relative safety.