Your Welcome Booklet

Upon arrival you will find tourist brochures, maps and things and we hope you find these useful. In addition we have prepared a Welcome Booklet which contains a lot of information about the house, the grounds and the surrounding area..

Obviously, depending on your experience, not all of this will be relevant to you but our guests have appreciated there being a single source of reference for all things La Goupillère. In case you would like to see what it contains you can view a pdf copy by clicking here. Please note that this is an example and is liable to change or update so for the latest information see the booklet you will receive upon arrival.

Your Welcome Pack

You can see a full list by clicking here but just to whet your appetite...

Quantities will vary according to the size of your party but we aim to ensure that you will all have enough for a light snack on the evening of your arrival and continental breakfast the following morning. We will be happy to make substitutions for anything you don't like or want.

Your Welcome

We greet and welcome all of our guests, if you like with a glass or two of wine, a cup of tea or whatever takes your fancy. We will then show you round the property and answer any questions you may have. That way we know that if it's your first visit you will be able to find things and accustom yourselves with the house and grounds. We also get to meet each other of course!

Returning guests may, if they wish, be left a key so that they can just let themselves in without seeing us.... but none of our returning guests has yet taken up this offer! However, it is there if needed, for example for very late arrival, whether intended or through delays.