We are not an insurance company and we do not sell insurance or recommend any particular insurance company. Neither are we "insurers of last resort" as are some card payment methods. Travel insurance is relatively inexpensive and practically all reasonable risks can be insured against, even just changing your mind, although obviously some will be more costly than others. Please ensure that whatever policy you choose covers what you want it to - there will be no liability and therefore no payment unless you are specifically covered for that eventuality. This might seem glaringly obvious but from our side of the travel business we have seen all sorts of problems arise through inadequate insurance but also situations when having absent-mindedly ticked the "insurance" box of a Eurotunnel booking saved the day.

It is unlikely your motor insurance itself will cover you for breakdown

The following applies to any holiday booking, not just La Goupillère but is often not made known. In France, French nationals renting holiday accommodation are required to have holiday insurance "Assurance Villégiature", normally included in their household insurance, to provided civil responsibility and damage insurance whilst on holiday. Similar requirements exist in many European countries but not the UK, where it is often an optional personal choice. There is no legal requirement for non-French guests to have such insurance but please be aware that our own insurance provides us (but not you) with cover and in the event of a claim by us our insurance company may seek recompense by claiming against yours. If you do not have cover they may pursue you personally; this would be their decision, not ours.

Our Terms and Conditions are, we trust, very clear and we believe are fair all round, especially our cancellation policy. If you have any issues with them we will be happy to discuss your concerns before you book but, once your Booking Deposit is paid, you are deemed to have accepted them. Any subsequent relevant issues must be directed to your insurers for resolution.

As this is potentially such an important matter, our Insurance Terms & Conditions are replicated here.

We strongly advise that all members of your party have comprehensive travel insurance, including full cancellation cover for all eventualities, for the party's personal belongings, public liability, personal accident, and damage to our property, etc. Whilst we do not require proof you have insurance, in making the booking you acknowledge that you understand the importance of our advice and absolve us of all legal or moral obligation for any of the above. Any claims must be made direct to the insurance company or other body concerned.
We strongly advise that all members of your party have appropriate medical cover for France, at the very least by way of an EHIC. Any claims must be made direct to the insurance company or other body concerned.
We strongly advise that, unless you are certain that you are fully covered, you notify your vehicle insurance provider of your trip and obtain confirmation that your cover is appropriate for your needs.
We strongly advise that you have comprehensive vehicle breakdown insurance and that the terms of any manufacturers or second-market warranty provide cover whilst in France.
6.5Your use of the property or its facilities is entirely at your own risk - you must have your own insurance.

With travel insurance you tend to get what you pay for so check the small print carefully before opting for the cheapest deal as spending a little more can make a big difference. Always read policy documents carefully to familiarise yourself with any exclusions and conditions. Scrutinise any cover included with packaged bank accounts or other offers, because it may not always be as comprehensive as you think.